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Most people like to use self-rising flour. I never use self-rising flour as it tends to always make recipes different than what is expected with the finished product. Some people are fine with having less than perfect results but I’m not one of them. Instead, go with an all-purpose flour and add your baking powder or baking soda or both if the recipe calls for it. This ensures that you have the right of amount ingredients to the recipe.

Baking soda can also cause issues with the rising in the dough. Make sure to store your baking soda correctly. Store it in a dry and cool place. This helps to ensure that the humidity from the atmosphere doesn’t cause it to go bad.

Margarine and vegetable spreads have more oil in them and may cause your cookies to come out with a burnt ass or will have an oily consistency and feel in the long run. It typically leaves you with burnt bottoms and mushy tops. When making cookies from scratch, always use creamed butter stick butter. I personally like to use salted cream butter (stick butter in the grocery that’s either salted or unsalted). Most recipes call for salt in them with unsalted butter but with the salted butter tends to make them taste great with that extra added umph to them.

Salt can destroy your recipe if you add to much. Coarse sea salt is the best for baking since it’s not too fine and powdery that you wind up with a very salty taste. Coarse sea salt also helps during the baking process in the oven as the bigger pieces will melt in with the dough giving you an even flavor throughout.

Eggs are an arguable subject. Everybody knows that cage free brown eggs taste the best, right? Do not believe me cook one and compare it with your regular white egg. They have a richer flavor and a darker yellow color. Therefore, I love cage free brown eggs for everything I have to use them together with and chocolate chip cookies are no exception.

Sugar consistently has people on the fritz when they see light brown sugar, dark brown sugar, or granulated sugar. Light brown sugar and dark brown sugar are simply granulated white sugar with molasses added to it. Your preference preference will differ upon how much you really like molasses. I do not care much for syrups so when a recipe calls for dark brown sugar, I will substitute the dark brown for light brown and double what the original amount was for the brown sugar. This gives your biscuits a carmelized flavor with no deep molasses undertones.

Vanilla extract is one of the few items you should really splurge for period. Imitation vanilla may give your baking a light vanilla flavor or nothing at all as where a true vanilla extract will really give you a vanilla flavor and has a very strong odor like that while your baking, your house will smell like heaven. If you can buy vanilla beans where you are and have vodka on hand, make some home made and send me a bottle!

Chocolate chips are the most important ingredient. You can’t go wrong with whatever chocolate you discover that you personally like. But, I use semi-sweet since the batter is always super sweet. The semi-sweet will not overpower the sweetness to where you are chugging a gallon of milk to quench your thirst. Dark chocolate chips are also quite a good suggested chocolate because as said earlier, the batter is already very sweet.

Chocolate chip cookies

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