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Sure it can be very tempting to go and purchase that pre-made food, especially when there are so many services which are probably willing to deliver food right to your location, but you’ll be a lot better off if you avoid the temptation.

Premake Your Own Food
One of the simplest ways to avoid the urge to buy that expensive fast food is to buy all the food items that you have to make your lunches for the week. From there you should go ahead and make all of the lunches beforehand and just put them in the fridge or the freezer until the day that you will bring them in to work.

While you’ll need to spend a little more time preparing meals to bring with you to work, if you do the groundwork properly it should not take over an hour or two of work throughout the weekend.

Since you’re buying all of the food at once and making it at once you won’t spend much time shopping or cooking to get all the lunches done at the same time.

The main advantage is that you have control over the ingredients that are going into your food. You can be sure that you’re eating healthy ingredients that will actually improve your health rather than damage it.

Fast food might appear cheap at the moment, but that eight dollar meal ends up being quite expensive when you pay out close to the same amount on a daily basis. It’s relatively easy to purchase ingredients for less than that, particularly when you’re buying all that you’ll need throughout the remainder of the week.
When you’re using this method you have to consider which types of foods will keep well during the week. Rice, pasta, or legumes all stay in terrific shape even after they’ve been cooked up.

You probably won’t need to make things like sandwiches or salads until the day that you’re going to work. The trick to getting great tasting meals without wasting a huge amount of time, is to prepare everything which you can beforehand, and put the last few ingredients into your lunch at the last minute so they still taste fresh.

Making that one slight change is well worth the small slice of time, when you think about all the benefits you will be able to draw from it.

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