We are thinking pina coladas, party and an exotic beach! It will require planning, setting a budget, making some important calls, packaging and reservations! Lots of bags and travelling. If you’re someone who’s running low on cash or is saving up for an apartment in a better neighborhood than how about you bring the party house?

Consider it? All that money you will save, all that packing that you wouldn’t need to bother with, never having to sit down on these cramped airplane seats and especially waiting endless hours on the airport along with your flight gets delayed. If you play your cards right you may plan an remarkable holiday right from the comfort of your property! Below are some ideas that will allow you to plan a wonderful staycation.

One of the exciting parts of a vacation is getting to experience a new culture and all the cuisines and beverages it brings along. Thanks to YouTube, we can look for any and each recipe under the sun and learn how to make it right in your home. You may plan a party in your backyard and rather than the traditional Bar B Q you can spice up the food by adding some fresh entrees and main course items in your menu. Similarly instead of serving the typical margaritas and lemonade you can serve bull side and shooter car to your guests.

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Outdoor Activities – Staycation doesn’t necessarily mean staying at home all day long. It is possible to plan outdoor activities that you have missing on for a long period of time. What about that cliff diving trip you always wanted to go on but could not due to work and evening MBA classes? Now is your chance, register for one or catch a ride with your friends. Don’t forget to get that free How-to lesson as soon as you reach there and ensure all of the safety pre requisites before you make a splash!

Local Festival – If you’re a foodie who enjoys a dish with an exotic flavor palette then how about the local food festival that is organized every summer season? Teachers with exceptional culinary skills end up here in a food truck bringing you flavors from all over the world! Plan a trip with family or go with your buddies, we’re sure that you won’t be able to have enough!


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Staycation Is The New Vacation

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